Sunday, September 25, 2011

Big reads a story on Pseudopod

It's true, Lefou! I found it to be as unusual a request as you surely do. A few months ago, Shawn Garrett, the editor at Pseudopod sent me an email asking if I would read a story for his show. I squinted at the email, shook my head to clear and strangeness that might be going on, yet it persisted. The person they were requesting to read the story was Big Anklevich. Nobody wants Big Anklevich to read a story. That's like asking John Oates to guest on your album. If it was a Muppets tribute show or something, maybe I can understand, but even then, Rish does a better impression of Kermit than me. I just sound vaguely like Kermit or Ernie, so that it brings them to mind without actually sounding anything like them.

Anyway, I just figured that Shawn didn't know our show well enough, and had the two of us mixed up. So, I recorded the story, edited it, and sent it out to him, expecting that he'd get it, and swear when he realized the mix-up. I just hoped he didn't throw out my recording and hand it to some other non-Muppet sounding guy once he stopped swearing, because that would suck.

I never got an angry email from Shawn, and this week, the story went live on Pseudopod. So, either he was too worried about his release schedule to throw out my recording and start over, or he actually wanted me to read it not Rish. I suspect it was the former, and he is just too nice of a guy to say anything about it, but maybe that's just my own insecurities talking.

You can listen to the story here. Hope you enjoy.

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  1. I get to listen to Bigg and Alasdair on the same podcast?!