Tuesday, August 16, 2011

cool interview on Fullcast

I know this is supposed to be a blog where I blather on and on about the show, in between posting episodes of me blathering on and on on the show, but I just listened to a really cool interview with Norm Sherman over at Bryan Lincoln's Fullcast Podcast. Bryan and Abbie Hilton talked to Norm about how he does the Drabblecast, they joked around, and even talked about the Dunesteef a time or eight.

Bryan always does a butt-kicking job for us when he produces our episodes (new one up next), and Abbie once gave me money just to voice a character for her. This is a particularly hilarious episode, but their podcast is always informative, interesting, and comes out way more often than our show, I believe, so check it out over at www.fullcastpodcast.com sometime.

Tell 'em R080T sent you!

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