Tuesday, July 5, 2011

On My Own

Hey folks, Rish Outfield here. Every year around this time, my good friend and cohost Big Anklevich goes on a family vacation. It's a way of letting me know that the world does not revolve around me, as he always picks either the week of Comic-Con or the week of my birthday to be gone, leaving me alone again . . . naturally.

So, we won't be having any new episodes of The Dunesteef for a little while (not till the middle of the month at the soonest), and for that, I apologize.*

In the meantime, I have chopped up our discussion on the GREEN LANTERN movie (along with some SUPER 8 talk), and will be sprinkling those in here intermittently, and if I can manage it, there's a special episode we recorded back in March or so that I'd like to release as well (though it would probably work better on our main feed). Nevertheless, you are not forgotten, and I hope the Bigless time really flies by.

Your fiend,

Rish Tiberius Outfield

*I also had to make the hard decision of which of our two completed episodes would drop before Big left and which would have to wait to air until he got back. I owe you an apology, Mr. McKeown.


  1. Hey there,
    I am trying to get my iDevice to download your latest TGMG (the Green Lantern one) but iTunes refuses to believe there is a new episode. Do you have to kick something to make the show appear?

  2. Without Big around, I had to upload the episode myself, like I used to before he put TGMG on the feed. I've saved the original files for him to convert and re-post when he returns, but until then, I suppose I could email you the show(s).

  3. Oh, no problem; I see the link to the episode on your web site. I can download it manually & send it to my iPod. I just thought I'd ask in case you forgot one step in your process.

    I'm interested in hearing what you & Big have to say about Green Lantern, since I just saw it.

  4. Oh my. (in my best George Takei voice)

    I knew it wasn't great after seeing it, although I did enjoy it mostly. But I guess I am the "fan boy" that you suggested DC maybe have created the movie for.

    I look forward to the following segments to see if you mention anything redeeming or positive about the film.

  5. Hey, Snard, those should all be appearing in your podcatcher now. Let us know if it didn't work.

  6. Just saw this comment today, but I noticed a couple days ago that they were listed in iTunes (I had manually copied the first 2 before you returned). Hope you had a nice trip.

    You will have to teach Mr. Rish how to do this properly the next time you're out of town :)