Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Rish on "Guru Showdown" tournament o' champions

Earlier this year, both Big and Rish were contestants on "Guru Showdown," an online trivia game show where one competes against experts in their chosen category, such as Animals, Music, History, and Medical Practices of the Dark Ages. Well, not only did we appear on the show, but friends of the Dunesteef Rich Girardi, Lizanne H., and Josh Roseman.

So, by some miracle (or cheat), our own Rish Outfield ended up in their season-ending tournament of champions, the Guru Gauntlet Championship. The three players with the highest score faced off against each other, and that episode is now available to listen to. Or watch, if you have a great imagination.

So, did Rish bring shame to the Dunesteef Family (not to mention the once-proud Outfield name), or did he hold his own? Find out in Marvel Comics!

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