Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Home Runs or Strikeouts?

So, as Big and I mentioned in our most recent Dunesteef episode (believe me, it's in there somewhere, after the silly voices but before the burping), we've got a bonus episode we've put together as a sort of "incentive" for people to donate to the show. It's a little story I wrote a couple of years back called "Home Runs" that's not really about Christmas but we considered running it for Christmas anyway. Then, we ended up getting horribly behind and ran nothing. The story is supposed to be humorous, and it's as scatological as next week's show banter, so if that sort of thing isn't for you . . . consider yourself warned.

Even so, it sure would be nice to get donations for the show, since I'm wracked by Jewish guilt over how little we pay our authors for stories, and I'm not even Jewish. I guess I'll talk to Big about that sometime.

It's just like a regular episode, with the story, banter afterward, maybe even a lame Barbie commercial thrown in, so if that appeals to you, that's sort of what incentive means. It's not really a limited-time offer, BUT if it's successful, we'll probably create another incentive episode somewhere down the line (likely with one of Big's stories), and that will replace this one semi-permanently.

Here's the link to a one-time donation, or you can approach it from the main Dunesteef page.

Donations are what keep this show alive, folks. That and sweat and ambition and creativity and submissions and the occasional sacrifice of a baby rabbit or chinchilla. You can choose to subscribe to a quarterly (or monthly) donation, or just give a one-time donation. If people take advantage of the non-specific nature of the offer, we'll probably have to announce some kind of minimum donation, but for now, whatever you feel comfortable giving is fine. And appreciated.

The end is always nigh, by the way, and every little bit of motivation or encouragement helps. No pressure or anything.

Rish "Pleeeeeease Give" Outfield

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