Friday, November 12, 2010

That Gets My Goat 12

We've decided to combine our regular Dunesteef podcast and "That Gets My Goat" this week, and stick it on the main page (and in the main feed), so people can tell us where it belongs. Also, to give us another week to catch up on story episodes.

Check it out here!


  1. I don't mind if That Gets my Goat is regular on the normal feed - it would be good to have a few goat getters not just the one though. Have you done a listener's version yet?

    On a completely different note - why is the robot's voice male? You guys need a strong woman to put you down when you get out of hand. It would still be you taking the p*** out of yourselves but it would score high with anyone who has the vaguest whiff of political correctness about them and might broaden the show's appeal even more.

    Next time you decide to upgrade it why not get the ladyvoice module? I'm sure it is just as cheap as the male version, and who knows? One day it might lead to an actual female presenting occasionally. Have you thought about guest features?

    I'll shut up now. Enjoying both the stories and the banter (with the stories narrowly in the lead...) Good work guys.

  2. Dame, I would be thrilled if we had a female co-host on the show (or indeed, if the ladies would have anything to do with me). It would be great if R080T could be replaced by a girl android for the foreseeable future. I'll see if Abbie Hilton will do a guest spot on our show for the New Year, just for fun.

    I recognize that it's a bit of a sausage fest over at the Dunesteef, but if you knew my luck with women, you'd understand.